Reasons to Go to Cabo on Your Honeymoon

A little over a year ago, I was unwinding by the side of a pool and the Pacific Ocean, simultaneously, during what was arguably the best week of my life (aside from my actual wedding week.) Lately, I’ve been pining pretty heavily to go back there.

Cabo Arc

I knew that a tropical honeymoon was going to be a top priority expense when we began planning our wedding. It went: photography, honeymoon, and then everything else. I know that may not be prioritization for everyone, but for us, it made the most sense, and I am so glad we were able to recognize that.

See, Ryan and I love to travel together. We love getting to explore new places and share new experiences. And, until our honeymoon, we’d actually never truly been on a trip where it was just the two of us. We’d made trips with family and friends, or traveled alone together to stay primarily with family and friends, but we’d never gone more than a day and a half in our own hotel room together, with no one’s itinerary for the day but our own. I couldn’t wait.

It took a while to settle on the actual location for our honeymoon. I wanted somewhere tropical because I wanted nothing more than to lounge on the beach to my heart’s content. I didn’t want to go somewhere where I’d want to go out and see a ton of things because I wanted our honeymoon to be a time of rejuvenation after the stress of the wedding, and a time of relaxed bonding during our first days of marriage. And, Ryan seemed pretty okay with wherever I wanted to go.

Cabo rocks

Eventually, we decided on Cabo, partially because it was one of the cheapest of all the places I was looking to travel to, and partially because it just seemed so charming. And I could not be happier with our choice. Thus, I bring you the list:

1) When you arrive at your hotel and mention that you are on your honeymoon, you just might be upgraded to the larger, fancier, more expensive sister resort, at no extra charge.

2) Your room may just have the perfect view of fancy hotel pools and the ocean. It also may rival the fanciest of hotel rooms you have stayed in.

ocean view from La Playa Grande room

3) You will fully embrace the lack of ability for anyone to contact you, sans phone service.

4) You’ll get to have the absolute best view for brunch, ever. Also, brunch is buffet-style, and contains all the greats. Chilaquiles and black beans and chocolate conchas and Mexican coffee and fresh squeezed orange juice (and I could keep going.) They will all grace your taste buds.

brunch at La Playa Grande in Cabo San Lucas

brunch at La Playa Grande in Cabo San Lucas

The best view for brunch.

5) Everywhere you go, the locals will all ask you if you are on your honeymoon. “Honeymooners!” they will say. “Do you know how I know you’re honeymooners? She looks very happy, and he looks tired.” This is apparently the standard greeting around the markets, but it makes it no less charming when you are actually basking in the fact you are on your honeymoon.

6) Your hotel may host nightly fiestas with prime entertainment and even better Mexican food.

7) You’ll be able to lounge by the pool and get your tan on like it’s your job. And when you get hungry or thirsty, someone will gladly bring you a margarita and some tacos. All included.

Poolside service in Cabo.

The hard life.

8) You’ll get to walk into town and go on adventures in a glass-bottom boat, or snorkeling, or swimming with dolphins.

Life jackets

snorkeling in Cabo
9) You might become involved in a dance competition on your snorkel expedition boat.

10) You’ll get to watch your new husband haggle prices in Spanish. (Or maybe that one might just be reserved for me.)

11) You’ll get to buy matching fedoras, and be super adorable like that.

Honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas

12) Finally, your elevator might be very informative and have a British accent.

There you have it. So, see you there tomorrow?

*I feel that I should add a couple of notes (because I clearly haven’t gone on long enough): keep in mind that if you want to swim in the ocean water, you have to do it on the bay side, not the Pacific side. “Lover’s Beach” is where many people enjoy to swim. Also, if you are running along the hot sand at Lover’s Beach, beware of sharp rocks of sandstone hiding below, or else you’ll end up like my husband, with a gash on the bottom of his foot that was bleeding so much I thought our honeymoon would turn into a Mexican hospital adventure. Finally, in case you’re curious, we stayed at La Playa Grande in Cabo San Lucas.

love always, Delia

  • madisonwetherill

    Don’t mind me, I’m just over here DROOLING over your awesome honeymoon pictures. I want to go back to Mexico SO badly.

    • Delia Barnas Kearney

      You and me both, girl! Let’s go!

  • adayofk

    Wow, these photos are pretty dreamy. I feel like most people don’t need a reason to go to Cabo ;). Our honeymoon was dumbly cancelled after military orders got changed around, but maybe one day I’ll get to experience this magic

    • Delia Barnas Kearney

      You know, I think you’re right :)
      Oh, that is such a bummer you had to cancel your honeymoon! :( I hope you have the opportunity to make up for it soon!

  • apartmentwife

    looks like a lovely trip!! we’re actually considering cabo for the babymoon :)

    • Delia Barnas Kearney

      That is a wonderful idea!