Nothing But Blooms

My last post was a little rant-y. Don’t worry, that isn’t too typical for me. Well, it can be, but usually I just keep it down to a single breathless rant to my husband and then get over it. But these were some thoughts I really needed to be able to write out to even make sense of what I was thinking, and once they were written, well, I just couldn’t help but post them on my corner of the web. It’s what happens when you start to write about writing.

But let’s end the week on a lighter note! Linking up with This Analog Adventure and Click. Pray. Create. for Photography Friday & Finding Beauty Friday, as usual, I find that I must share some of my latest and greatest photos with you.

These happen to celebrate the beauty that is spring :)

spring flowers outside my window

While being in New Mexico, I often think of spring as that horrid time of year when the winds rival hurricanes’ and my allergies go crazy, I must admit: the blooms that pop up every which way are a sight to see.

Ryan and I are feeling particularly lucky this spring, because it turns out that the tree we have right outside our apartment windows erupts in full bloom in the spring season. It is gorgeous. The buds start out pink, and then open up into lovely white blossoms that absolutely cover the branches. I asked Ryan yesterday if it could ever be possible for the blooms to stick around all year long. Unfortunately, life isn’t fair, and the petals have just begun to fall not quite three weeks after the buds first began to appear. However, I will just be glad that we were lucky enough this spring to be blessed with such a beautiful tree.

spring flowers outside my window in NM

NM spring flowers

Did I mention that this tree happens to spread across both of the windows in our apartment? Did I mention that it is literally covered in the blossoms?

sunrise through the flowers outside my window

Looking out our window is like looking into heaven. We feel like we’re living in a cloud of florals. There is nothing but blooms to see out our windows right now. And I can’t get enough of it.

apartment view of flowers and Sandia Mountains apartment view of flowers and Sandia Mountains

Just check out that view from those windows! (The first is of the tree just as it’s starting to bloom, and the second is the tree in full bloom.) And BONUS: these beautiful flowers don’t seem to heighten my allergies!

K I’m done raving now :)

Are you experiencing any lovely signs of spring lately?

love always, Delia

Snow Days in Albuquerque // Introducing My Logo!

Last Wednesday night, Albuquerque finally, happily, received some more snow. We felt like we’d been missing out all winter. Not that I was complaining all too much about the unusually warm temperatures we’ve been having this season, but it seemed quite strange that other places unused to snow altogether were having some, and we were bone dry. Ryan and I had been very hopeful for a wet winter season because November saw a lot of snow by our standards, BUT, we had nothing….until last Wednesday!

We watched the snow fall steadily down as we went to bed Wednesday night, and by the looks of the streets, we were sure that our wish for a university delay in the morning would be granted. Luckily, it sure was, and I took the opportunity to take some lovely photos at my high school, the Albuquerque Academy, with my extra time in the morning!

Albuquerque Academy winter

Albuquerque Academy winter

I just love the Academy’s campus. It is more gorgeous and expansive than many college campuses I’ve seen, and when it’s tucked under a blanket of snow, it truly feels timeless. I couldn’t wait for an opportunity to snap some shots of my beloved campus in such winter elements.

Albuquerque Academy winter

Albuquerque Academy winter

As you can see, I went with black and white on most of these shots. I really wanted to portray that feeling of timelessness that I get just looking around at the snowy Academy campus, and I figured that the scenery was mostly black and white anyway, so I might as well accentuate that. The exceptions were the shots where I just loved the red brick of the pathway and buildings too much to hide it.

Albuquerque Academy winter

Albuquerque Academy winter

Albuquerque Academy winter

Albuquerque Academy winter

I had way too much fun with these. And…did you notice?! I’ve just created myself a new logo and watermark! I’ve been keeping busy :)

In all honesty though, I am so excited to show off the new logo. I’m quite in love with it. I hope you are, too. And, I hope you are enjoying your winter as much as I am.

love always, Delia

Remember, Recognize

One thing I have found the time to write for recently is a fun, new local news source in Albuquerque: NewsCastic.

If you are a Breaking Bad fan, you may be interested in reading what I have to say in my recent article that NewsCastic honored me with publishing, about Breaking Bad and its connection with Albuquerque. Here is an excerpt:

“I would argue that the most celebrated part of Albuquerque in Breaking Bad is not the vice that strikes its select inhabitants, but the very soul of the city.

“What do I mean by that? I mean the vast skies. I mean the iconic mountains. I mean the piled, billowing clouds. I mean the most beautiful red dirt you will ever see. I mean the local food joint where your best friend got her first job. I mean the intense normalcy that is everyday life, ever punctuated with the unforgettable beauty of the surroundings and spice of the food.

“And that’s what has made this show extra special, to an extent that could not have been found if the show had been filmed in California, as originally planned. Albuquerque gave Breaking Bad that quality every filmmaker looks for: some element that no one else would have thought of before.”

Read the rest of the article, Remembering Breaking Bad, Recognizing Albuquerque. And let me know what you think.