Remember, Recognize

One thing I have found the time to write for recently is a fun, new local news source in Albuquerque: NewsCastic.

If you are a Breaking Bad fan, you may be interested in reading what I have to say in my recent article that NewsCastic honored me with publishing, about Breaking Bad and its connection with Albuquerque. Here is an excerpt:

“I would argue that the most celebrated part of Albuquerque in Breaking Bad is not the vice that strikes its select inhabitants, but the very soul of the city.

“What do I mean by that? I mean the vast skies. I mean the iconic mountains. I mean the piled, billowing clouds. I mean the most beautiful red dirt you will ever see. I mean the local food joint where your best friend got her first job. I mean the intense normalcy that is everyday life, ever punctuated with the unforgettable beauty of the surroundings and spice of the food.

“And that’s what has made this show extra special, to an extent that could not have been found if the show had been filmed in California, as originally planned. Albuquerque gave Breaking Bad that quality every filmmaker looks for: some element that no one else would have thought of before.”

Read the rest of the article, Remembering Breaking Bad, Recognizing Albuquerque. And let me know what you think.