Take 5; more writing

Writing contest deadline is tomorrow. I am becoming more and more aware of my own perfectionism. I have handfuls of works of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry that I have revised multiple times, using multiple writing groups to help with the critiquing process, and yet I can only find two poems that I deem worthy of submitting. I have a problem. Sometimes I worry that I will be one of those writers who will only produce one or two things because the other 56 never feel finished. Right now, I’m definitely worried that I won’t submit as many pieces as I should tomorrow…or that I will submit a whole bunch, and wind up seeing a work I’m only “meh” about published in Feast, the annual art journal my school puts out. I don’t want everyone to read something that I think is “meh.” I want them to read something epic, something I wouldn’t dare touch further in fear of fixing ruining something that’s not broken. But is all this in my head? Probably. I tell you, the creative mind is a dangerous place to be. Especially when it’s running on a deadline. (Foreseeing possible headaches in the future when I endeavor to write and publish a novel(s)? Just a tad.) Now, back to work.