I have not posted in far too long. Of that, I am more aware than you could possibly know, and sort of sorry…but then again I can’t say that I didn’t warn you. I know better than any other person how often I set out to do things and realize that I vastly overestimate the number of hours I have in a day and the amounts of work I can actually accomplish within those limited hours.

The truth is, I’ve been busy. Cop-out! I know. First, I was busy with preparing to head back to school, then I was busy with my dad en route to school, and then I was busy procrastinating until about a week into school, when I realized to my dismay that, in fact, school does still require a lot of reading. I couldn’t believe how little had changed since fall semester. The lack of life I expected, but I had forgotten just how shockingly different such a life is from my winter-vacation mode.

Fear not, though, because I’m hoping to shock and awe all of us—most especially myself, if my intentions can muster through with integrity this semester—with more enlightening prose in the near future. More specifically, in the next day or so, you will probably see an addition of about three more blog posts. There are entries that I wrote weeks ago and never posted and there is an entry that I am going to finish writing tonight while it is fresh in my mind. So stay tuned, I swear I’m not a total abandoner.

I’m just going to finish off here with another of my famous disclaimers (I’m often quite full of them because I’m often quite unsure of myself, rethinking everything at least five times…at least). I have been experiencing writer’s block. Part of this is from the fact that I have been endlessly revising several works which I’m submitting to my school’s writing contest on Monday, so my creative juices are flowing in the post-written stage of creativity, if you will. Part of the writer’s block is also from the fact that I just plain don’t know where to lay my line in what are appropriate blog post topics. I don’t want to completely demonstrate the monotony of my everyday life (let’s see…what did I eat today and how did that make me feel?) but I don’t want to leave out any small moments of clarity that I find once in a while through some of the regularities of my routine. I don’t want to have this be too much of a personal blog, but then again it is where I am hoping to start getting a fan-base, a potential reader-base, a place to start from when I hit the ground running (hopefully) in the writing and publishing world after graduation. So, I have to write something. And I should probably try to sound smart. Good luck to me. I’ll see you with my next post, coming imminently. (Promise.)