Introducing: My Mission Statement

I have made several attempts at keeping blogs. Every time, I seem to lose inspiration or grow tired of the format of the sites I’ve used. But I have never tried to actually just keep a blog to write about whatever I want. I’ve had to keep focuses I’m only slightly interested in for classes, or have grown to conform to the tendencies of the random other blogs I’ve followed. But here, I am going to try to just do my own thing.

Why is it so important to me to keep up this blog? Several reasons. I often find myself wishing that I had taken the chance to write down my thoughts when I experience my common moments of self-reflection, nostalgia, considerations, or opinions. Sometimes I feel that my thoughts are completely garbled inside my head and that if I could only dedicate myself to writing them all down, I could make sense of them, and begin to make more sense of myself. So that is one thing that this blog will help me strive to fix.

Another purpose for this blog is so that I can begin forming a public persona, and maintain a public forum for my informal writing. Nowadays, it seems that many notable figures, at least in the writing world, keep their own blogs, perhaps to both serve their careers, their personal ideals for writing, and their fans. I will be straightforward here: my prime career goal is to become a mature and decent writer, and a published author. Backup plans remain in the arts. Perhaps I could become a screenwriter, a book or magazine editor, even a journalist writing features and reviews. You know what else I’ve decided I’d be happy doing? I want to make movie trailers. You know, those people that mix up all the clips and sounds of a film and put them together to make it become the next movie you’re dying to see? I could be one of those. But I digress. I’ve discovered over the course of the past semester in my junior year of college that keeping a blog could only be beneficial to any future career path that I may decide to fall into. It is a way that anyone can check into my background of writing and critical thinking and see a series of posts that will hopefully impress upon them my dedication to my art form. It is also a way that I might be able to begin to connect with a following: people interested in my writing, in my thoughts and (though often conflicted) opinions, in my life, and in my future endeavors. These people could be my close family members and friends, gleaning insights on the world through my eyes as I enter the age of moving into life on my own, or they could be complete strangers. Hopefully, I will end up with a bit of both.

So I will conclude with just a couple more disclaimers on what the rest of my blog will probably consist of. I will most likely post on anything that strikes me as worthy writing about. This could include the latest in the news and pop culture. It could include examples of my newest obsessions, of which I feel like I cycle through regularly. (Currently, I am obsessed with socks, breakfast burritos, and Taylor Swift’s newest video and single “Ours.”) It could also include any notable events and thoughts which occur in my personal life. You might even find some samples of my creative writing…who knows? My posts will likely be unpredictable—just like the mind. But I hope that will only make them all the more interesting.