Follow me. Make me write.

I’ve come to the realization that writing this blog has ceased being a priority for me. The fact that I have so far made but one post over the course of the summer, when I have much fewer excuses than during the school year, glares at me, challenging me to invent some new excuse that will make it seem okay that I don’t regularly post. I’m out of excuses.

Perhaps I have become discouraged in writing blog posts for a very small audience. Perhaps I sometimes feel self-conscious that I am blasting my personal stories and opinions unsolicited to the wide universe of the Internet. Who really cares about the day-to-day flits of pain, joy, interest, or insight of an unheard-of twenty one year old girl? At this point, probably only those four or so followers/loved ones I’ve had reading regularly so far.

The person who encouraged me most to begin my own blog was my close mentor at one of my publishing internships. She assured me that it would be priceless to gain my own following online simply through keeping up with a blog, doing what I love–writing–and having to invest no initial cost. I knew that on top of that, having a blog would force me to at least have some sort of nagging in the back of my mind to keep notes of my random thoughts, to record the important events in my life, and to just simply keep. writing. So I think I need to demonstrate how much I trust this person with her recommendations.

And there are some blogs out there that are truly outstanding. There are some blogs that, though they include the details of the authors’ personal lives, don’t seem self-indulgent or pointless. I have found several blogs that I love to read because they are just so interesting. They can be portals into foreign worlds of strangers, sources of comfort, profiles of one’s increasing success (or down-spiraling life). So why am I so self-conscious about my own? Why be so critical of my own attempt to do the same as these other people I read about but don’t know? Why are their randomness, quirkiness, and, yes, maybe, self-indulgences more validated than mine?

Here is a message to others with blogs and goals like mine: don’t be so self-conscious. If you market the hell out of your own work, other people will pay attention, and maybe you’ll find that your own little unimportant seeming thoughts actually add up to more than you believed. So that’s my plan. Have faith in my abilities? Tell whoever you know to check out my blog. I’ll do the same. And we’ll see what I have to say for myself another year from now.