For making my heart soar.

I wanted to take a moment to appreciate the support I have received from my last post from a whole week ago. Sometimes, there are just some feelings that you need to get down, and I needed to get those down. When I took the big step to publish such personal sentiments for the world wide web, I felt pleasantly out of my element. While I knew that even if no one noticed that short, unpublicized, almost-diary entry quality post, I wouldn’t mind, I also knew that any single person who might contact me to let me know that my writing resonated with them would make my heart soar.

And you all did.

It’s true that writers have to derive pleasure from writing for their own sake. But sometimes, we must write for other people, too. I wrote that post for me, but I also wrote it for Ryan, for my best friends, for my parents, and for anyone else who has ever felt the same at any point. So on some selfish level and at the same time on a selfless level, I am just so glad that my words could remind someone, could let them know that they aren’t alone.

So, thank you for validating me. And thank you for the opportunity to let you know that you are valid, too.

love always, Delia

Grief Is When…

Grief Is When...

you can’t think of anything else.

you can’t imagine anyone else thinking of anything else, not knowing.

you wonder if anyone else can see the empty space left inside you, beside you.

you can’t sleep, but you don’t want to stay awake, either.

your taste buds go numb.

denial wraps you in its warm blanket.

you ponder when you might be able to truly laugh again.

you think maybe you don’t want to.

you regret.

you wonder.

you remember.

and that’s all you can do.


But it’s not forever.


Dedicated to all our lost loved ones.